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Key Features & Benefits

How many Maxebars do I need?

Each Maxebar services approximately 100 rooms. Many Hotels situate one by the main lift area to service all floors.

Who stocks the Maxebar?

Each hotel is responsible for the stocking and cleaning of their Maxebar. This ensures they are purchasing at the keenest prices to return maximum profit.

Does Maxebar work with all PMS providers?

We have interfaces with all the major suppliers of PMS systems and key card providers, so this is rarely an issue.

Do I have to purchase the Maxebar System?

In many cases purchase or lease may be the best options.

What is my return on investment?

Typically most Maxebars generate in excess of €25 per day. Therefore showing a profit of more than €17.50 per Maxebar per day. Obviously this does not take into consideration the savings you will experience on staffing and stock control over Minibar systems that you may have had or have. Disputes reference purchasing of products are eradicated with the Maxebar system.

What products can I put in a Maxebar?

Maxebars can be provided in a number of guises from a slim 30-product dispenser to a full robotic version offering 60 lines of product. We are able to change the spirals or convey belts to suit any item of choice within reason, therefore giving you total flexibility in product selection.

What services are required for a Maxebar?

Dependent on whether you include a super cube ice machine the services required are CAT 5 cabling between the location of the Maxebar and the operations room, water and waste supply to within 1 metre of the machine.

What happens if a guest loses their room key card?

The card can be cancelled and as there is no value on the card no monies would be lost to the guest.

How can I check a user's balance to show them it is correct?

With all terminals connected to the system a full and complete audit trail is available at the touch of a button, including loading, vending sales and till sales.

How do I keep the Maxebar system up to date?

Owners of Maxebar systems are offered an annual software support agreement. This includes free upgrades to ensure their systems are kept up to date with the latest standard features.

Can Maxebar replace hotel in-room bars?

In-room bars are an expensive way to provide guests with refreshment compared to Maxebars, which are centralised merchandisers strategically placed throughout the hotel selling alcohol, snacks and a variety of other lines. They are operated by the guest's room key with the cost of the purchase being added to the room bill.

Will Maxebar give me comprehensive management information?

With all the dispensing machines, tills and Loaders networked to the Maxebar system, all management information is available in real time at the manager's PC. Comprehensive reports are available at all times. Reports include daily/weekly/monthly and annual reports, with VAT incl. & excl.

How do I change prices and programme the Maxebar?

All equipment connected to the Maxebar system is programmed centrally and live from the managers PC. Even changing the prices in the Maxebar machines is carried out without leaving the office.

What happens if there is a malfunction with our Maxebar?

Maxebar offer a maintenance contract that covers all relevant software applications through a remote Internet base linked to our service department. For hardware maintenance we have a network of contractors that will be with you within 8 working hours to resolve the problem.

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