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If you are considering minibars for your hotel rooms - call our European Sales Team on +44 1428 604561 to discover a very realistic alternative.

at last there is an alternative to minibars

Almost since the concept of the hotel mini bar was invented hotliers have struggled with the issue of how to make them pay.

Maxebars have been developed with just this problem in mind. By taking minibars out of the rooms and replacing them with centrally located Maxebars not only can you now regain total control over your stocks - when, where and for how much they are distributed but you can offer a much wider range of products from food and drink to toiletries, souvenires and gifts.

However, perhaps the greatest advantage of the Maxebar system is that it is fully integrated with your PMS system. Guests simply swipe their room key cards, make their selections and their choices are automatically billed to their rooms. Maxebars are totally tamper proof and have put an end to awkward check-out disputes literally at a swipe! Using guests room keys also means that alcohol cannot be accessed by minors.

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To learn how Maxebars can offer a real, profitable alternative to minibars - call our European Sales Team on +44 1428 604561

Maxebar v Minibar - at a glance

  • Maxebars are connected to your PMS eliminating check-out disputes
  • Maxebars are centrally located enabling around the clock stocking by a single member of staff
  • Maxebars are tamper-proof giving totally security
  • Maxebars can stock a very wide ranage of products from food & drink to toiletries and gifts
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