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Locating your Maxebars

The only restrictions on locating a Maxebar are the availability of a 240v plug and CAT 5 cabling to link it to the operations room. If you need a super cube ice machine you will also need water and waste to within 1 metre of the machine.

Other than that Maxebars can be installed anywhere there is a need to offer your customers a 24/7 dispensing service in locations where staffing a round the clock operation is simply not possible. Maxebar's software can be adapted to handle any kind of swipe card so that they are currently located in spas and sports clubs where customers can use their membership cards to access a whole range of products.

We will work with you to identify the best possible locations for your Maxebars taking into account footfall, visibility and availability of services. Our designers will also assist with making sure that your Maxebars fit sympathetically with the surroundings and, as much as possible, matches existing décor.


  • Hotel Lift Lobby
  • Hotel Reception Area
  • Hotel Spa
  • Fitness Centre
  • Conference Centre
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